Selected talks:


An algorithm for counting realizations of minimally rigid graphs using intersection theory

  • Applied Algebra and Analysis online seminar (virtual), TU Braunschweig (Oct. 2021)

  • Conference on Geometry: Theory and Applications (Sept. 2021)


The tropical discriminant of a polynomial map on a plane 

  • Latin American Geometria Algebraica Real y Tropical Seminar (virtual), (Feb. 2022)


Computing efficiently the non-properness set of polynomial maps on the plane


Describing the Jelonek set of polynomial maps via Newton polytopes:


Counting isolated points outside the image of a polynomial map

  • Discrete Mathematics Research Seminar (virtual), RICAM, Linz (Jul. 2020)

  • Applied Algebra and Analysis online seminar, TU Braunschweig (Jun. 2020)
  • Geometry team seminar (virtual), LAMA, Université Savioe Mont Blanc, Chambéry (Oct. 2020)
  • Geometry and Singularity Theory seminar, IMPAN (Oct. 2019)


On polynomial maps having fibers of maximal dimension

  • Geometry and Singularity Theory seminar, IMPAN (Nov. 2019)


Signed counts of real simple rational functions

  • IMPANGA bimonthly seminar, IMPAN (May. 2019)
  • Algorithmic algebra group weekly seminar, TU Berlin.


Constructing polynomial systems with many positive solutions using tropical geometry


Belyii Theorem via dessins d'enfants

  • Working group on Grothendieck-Teichmüller groups, MPIM, Bonn (Oct. 2018)


The equations for the moduli space of N points on the line

  • Image Processing and Computer Vision conference, Tübingen University (Jul. 2017)


Topology of real K3 surfaces